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Chinese RTS Game Chun Qiu (Spring and Autumn Period)Will Be Released in June

By Cecil Gao
May. 24, 2022 updated 09:26

Just now, the Chinese indie game publisher INDIECN Games announced that Chun Qiu, an RTS game developed by Weiqian Studio, will be released on June 2nd.

As the name suggests, Chun Qiu is set in the Spring and Autumn period of China, almost two thousand years ago. In that period, China's basic social system had just been established, and everything was developing in a very open and free form at a fast pace. The game gives players a lot of freedom, letting them play any characters they want while exploring the many game mechanics that perfectly embody the Chun Qiu period. Be a merchant doing business in busy cities, explore the surroundings as a ranger, or become the emperor of this ancient civilization and rule it for eternity.

Chun Qiu's restoration of real history is perfect as well. The game has more than 143 countries with more than a thousand cities, with the population system as the core, supporting the economic system, military system, diplomatic system, trade system, construction system, natural disaster system, etc., which promote and hold each other in balance.

The game also has a history book system, every decision made by players in the game will contribute to automatically generating a history book written with ancient Chinese grammar for players to refer to after the game, so they feel the accomplishment of creating history.

According to the developers, the game has excellent optimization, and most computers' core graphics can run the game at a satisfying frame rate.

Source: Steam