TapTap Joins Hands with AliCloud to Build an Anti-Cybercrime Alliance, Providing Free Security Services

On October 20, TapTap and AliCloud held a launch ceremony for a new "anti-cybercrime alliance" (hereinafter referred to as “the alliance”) at the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit. The two sides joined hands with developers and publishers like X.D. Network (Ragnarok Online), miHoYo (Genshin Impact), Lilith (Warpath), Giant Interactive Group (Zhengtu), HyperGryph (Arknights), as well as judicial organizations, scientific research institutions, and other units to help gaming and internet companies reduce the negative impact caused by hackers and work together to build a healthy Internet environment.

In the age of the digital economy, cybercrimes are also changing day by day. Click farms, ghost comments, DDoS, and so on are becoming more and more common, and have gradually developed into an underground industry.

"The establishment of the alliance heralds a more solid administrative basis for the precise governance of the underground industry." Jiang Hong, head of TapTap Developer Services, said that the collaboration of multiple parties will not only make the governance of the underground industry more targeted and transparent but also allow more small and medium-sized companies to gain access to the protection of their rights.

The TapTap-led alliance will continue to address the challenges faced by small and medium-sized developers in a practical way. TapTap has been providing DDoS security protection services for game developers including during the recent Yi Jian Xing incident (see this article for more details), which attracted widespread attention.

The new alliance aims to provide more help for eligible small and medium-sized developers than DDoS protection, including some security consultation and collaborations that can cover the whole life cycle of a product.

The alliance would unite a variety of social entities to jointly identify potential hacking threats, collaborate with judicial organizations and scientific research institutions to help victims collect evidence and file cases. At the same time, the alliance will build an information-sharing platform to promote security protection knowledge, enhance companies’ response capabilities.  

Xie Hang, head of the AliCloud Intelligent Online Education and Gaming Industry, said that hackers' attacks against dotcom companies continue to evolve in their diversification, precision, and intelligence. In the face of the underground industry, all parties need to take a multi-dimensional perspective on network security.

Jianyue, head of intelligent cloud security products and solutions at AliCloud, said, "AliCloud Security has always been committed to providing cost-effective, easy-to-use services for small and medium-sized companies to help with business development. These new free services can ensure a safe and smooth launch of the most critical and vulnerable new games."

AliCloud Game Shield security solution can quickly and effectively defend against DDoS and CC attacks; it would also conduct an APP privacy compliance testing before the game launch, as well as identify risks such as gold farming, alt accounts, and simulators during the game operation, guaranteeing all-around security.

The establishment of the alliance is only the first step in combatting these problems on the Internet; the whole industry has a lot of work to be carried out subsequently. The alliance will continue to promote building a long-term working platform, combating cybercrime through collaboration.

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