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DOTA2 Custom Map Caught the Eyes of Chinese Players for Its RPG and Gacha Features

By Weilin Li
Jun. 7, 2022 updated 07:27

DragonSong Studio has launched a DOTA2 RPG custom map called Infinite Helix. Though, it actually resembles a fully-fledged anime gacha game and is receiving praise from some fans for its indie game look and feel.

The map has caught the attention of many Chinese gamers. Currently, on the streaming platform Bilibili and on Douyu, it’s the hottest trend in DOTA2 streaming. Some rumors say that the streamers received codes from the creator, and the map will officially launch at noon tomorrow (June 7th).

The RPG map has so far only been promoted through streamers, including its promotional video.

Graphics of DOTA2 custom map Infinite HelixGraphics of DOTA2 custom map Infinite Helix

Source: Bilibili