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Tencent Announces Honor of Kings Global Launch

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 8, 2022 updated 01:05

On June 7th, Level Infinite, the international game publishing company founded by Tencent, announced that it would bring the popular MOBA game Honor of Kings to global players. The company announced the news via Twitter and stated that they would gradually open up beta tests starting next month.

Actually, due to the huge success seen by Honor of Kings over the past few years in Asia, especially in China, Tencent has long considered launching an international version. After Chinese players heard an English voice-over last year while accidentally triggering a glitch, it seemed to prove that Tencent had been preparing for the internationalization of Honor of Kings.

Notably, in 2016, Tencent launched an international adaptation of Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor, to get a larger share of the Western MOBA mobile game market. That adaptation achieved good results and has already gained a firm foothold in the Western market, so it will also be a challenge for Tencent to convert these old players into new users of Honor of Kings.

Although the official release date remains unknown, like the specific date of the beta tests, sources suggest that the global version of Honor of Kings will launch at the end of 2022, so let's wait and see.

Source: Level Infinite Twitter