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The Legendary Persona Game Series Will Come to Xbox With Simplified Chinese

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 13, 2022 updated 08:30

At Xbox’s Big Press Conference today, Atlus has announced that three works of their classic JRPG series Persona will finally come to Xbox consoles and the PC game pass.

Among them, the Persona 5 Royal in the trilogy will be the first to be released on October 21, and the other two works, Persona 4 Golden and Person3 Portable, will be launched later, but the date was not specified at today’s conference. Atlus China also stated on Weibo that a simplified Chinese version of the game would be in development simultaneously.

In addition to Persona 5, which was previously exclusive to PlayStation, and Persona 4 Golden, which was released on Steam not long ago, Persona3 has not been released on any new console or PC. It was last available on PSP in 2010. So this release on Xbox and PC undoubtedly gives Persona fans a considerable surprise and brings convenience to new players who want to try the Persona series.

Source: Twitter