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FPS Bright Memory Infinite Will Bring the Console Versions to Players in 2022

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 16, 2022 updated 06:28

Bright Memory, the fast-paced FPS game developed by the one-man studio FYQD, is officially to be on Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PS5 in 2022.

According to FYQD studio, the game console version for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will support 4K and 60 FPS quality modes with ray tracing and a 120 FPS performance mode. The game will support Sony’s Dualsense adaptive triggers to restore the feeling of using firearms and swords in fast-paced combats and the hook and sci-fi gears used for teleporting.

On Switch, the game will support both controllers and gyro control.

 There’s yet to be an exact release date, but FYQD studio promised the console version would all be launched in 2022.