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Wild Rift Icons: NV Decimated FW 2:0, JDG Took Down RRQ 2:1, and More

By Weilin Li
Jun. 17, 2022 updated 07:03

In the Play-in matches held yesterday in the 2022 Icons Global Championship, NV decimated FW 2:0, JDG took down RRQ 2:1, and JT won against T1 2:0.

Between NV and FW, in game one of the match, NV’s Camille launched an ultimate and killed FW’s Yuumi, the First Blood. At 12 minutes, NV aced FW at the top lane, securing victory in this round.

In game two, at 14 minutes, the two sides were competing for Baron, triggering a team fight. Then, NV aced FW and destroyed FW’s base.

NV in the Play-in match against FW on June 16thNV in the Play-in match against FW on June 16th

Between JDG and RRQ, in game one of the match, at 14 minutes, JDG killed four champions while only losing one in the jungle near RRQ’s base. Afterward, JDG destroyed RRQ’s nexus.

RRQ bounced back in game two. But in game three, at 19 minutes, JDG took the win in both the game and match.

Between JT and T1, with the excellent performance of Dawn128, JT won the two games and match.

NV, JDG and JT have all successfully entered the Group Stage of Icons.