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Thymesia Released its Major Perk System

By Xueyang
Jun. 23, 2022 updated 04:38

Thymesia is a souls-like 3D RPG video game with some exciting twists. The game removed the stamina concept so that players will no longer be restricted by the number of activities that can be performed before needing to rest. It has hyped up the dueling pace and made the fighting scenes much more intense.

A player can do five basic actions in Thymesia: attack, parry, dodge, use the special plague weapon, and counter the unbearable attacks by throwing feathers given by your raven form.

The plague weapon is a featured system in this game. Players will be able to harness disease from gruesome bosses and wield them as weapons.

Plague weapon demonstrationPlague weapon demonstration

The raven form is another feathered system. Players can shift into a special raven form during the battle and throw feathers like daggers with the swiftness of a raptor.

Other than that, the game encourages players to freely upgrade and modify basic movements and plague weapons to build personal fighting and playing styles.

Thymesia is planned to be released on August 10, 2022.

Check it out on Steam.

Source: Steam