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Tale of Immortal Will Release New Massive Content Update On June 30th

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 27, 2022 updated 09:18

The Chinese mythology sandbox game has released a new video on BiliBili announcing that a major content update will be launched on June 30. This is also the first massive content update after the Steam Workshop incident.

The Candle Dragon in Chinese mythologiesThe Candle Dragon in Chinese mythologies

As a game set in a fantasized world in ancient China, Tales of Immortal's new content update certainly adds a lot of flavor to the tone of the game. Players can now challenge the legendary Taoist gods and fierce monsters from ancient Chinese mythology after this update. The level restrictions of the previous version will also be unlocked, players can experience the new powerful abilities and also forge powerful souls they got through the battle to their weapons and gears.

The new abilities in the updatesThe new abilities in the updates

In this update, Tales of Immortal has also added a traditional but bloody mini-game--Rooster Fighting. players can collect powerful boosters to compete with NPCs in exchange for the resources and contacts they want, another great way to travel across the continent without practicing magic.

Go for a rooster fighting competitionGo for a rooster fighting competition

Earlier this year, Tales of Immortal received a slew of bad reviews for not using the Steam Workshop as promised, but an official mod creation tool that put too many restrictions on players. The Steam Workshop feature was eventually opened at the end of May after the review bomb, but the mod content still needs to be audited by the studio before players can upload them to the Workshop.

Source: Bilibili