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Tale of Immortal Finally Has Steam Workshop Available

By Johnson Ge
Jun. 1, 2022 updated 11:15

On May 31, the Chinese mythology sandbox game Tale of Immortal posted an announcement on Steam showing the Steam workshop and mod maker were available for the game. People believed this was a response to the review bomb in the last month.

In April, Tale of Immortal had an update, and they claimed the mod workshop was available as they promised in developing plans. However, people soon found the mod workshop was not a Steam workshop but a less-known platform called Fanbook with stringent moderating rules. It made many players feel the developer played on words and tricked them, and soon it triggered a review bomb by the angry players. The overall review rating of the game dropped from “Very Positive” to “Mixed,” and the recent review rating was “Overwhelmingly Negative” (3% positive).

Soon after the review bomb, the developer wrote a letter explaining why they could not use the Steam workshop, but players did not buy it. If you are interested, you may check our previous article about this.

There are 78 mods available in the workshop right now, and the number is growing. But the review rating has not been impacted by the update so far.