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Just Dance China’s New Song Sparks the Memories of A Whole Generation

By Dan
Sep. 1, 2021 updated 02:21

Radio calisthenics is warm-up exercises performed to music and guidance from radio broadcasts. For Chinese students, doing morning radio exercises count as part of their PE activity, and is a mandatory daily routine. Ubisoft surprised Chinese gamers by announcing that Just Dance China now features a new song “Youth is Calling”, which is clearly a tribute to “The Time is Calling”, one of the most popular radio exercises among elementary and high schools.


Although the disco-like music and movements are quite different from the original radio exercise, the imitated name and calisthenics beats still brought back the memories of a whole generation - during their morning breaks, the whole school would gather together on the playground and do radio exercises. While netizens are semi-flirtatiously questioning "does anyone really pay to do morning exercises?", content creators have already uploaded their own videos of dancing to the music and amused many.

(One Weibo user commented: "When you were still at school, you only thought about how to escape from the group exercise; now that you graduated, you all of the sudden exercise at home by yourself?")