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FateSeekerII Players Swarmed into The Game of Go Community for Help

Video games connecting people in an unexpected way.
By Johnson Ge
Nov. 27, 2021 updated 09:20

Yesterday, the Baidu Tieba users in “the game of Go” group found that their group was suddenly swarmed by strangers who don’t seem to have any clue about the game of Go. However, these newcomers do share a very similar trait: they all are asking for help with the Go minigame from the just-released martial hero RPG FateSeekerII.

RPG players are begging for help on tieba players are begging for help on tieba

Being developed by a real estate agency in Taiwan, the FateSeeker franchise has been one of the biggest surprises to martial hero RPG fans, and the recently released second installment topped steam charts with almost 90% positive reviews. 

In FateSeekerII, there is a side quest request players beat a bunch of Go puzzle minigames to get the reward. Instead of the basic Go 101 puzzle like the ones in Tale of Wuxia, the puzzles in FateSeekerII are surprisingly challenging for beginners, some puzzle even reaches pro-amateur level. Players need to learn advanced techniques like “ladder”,” recapture”,” pyramid four” to properly understand and solve these puzzles.  In a true RPG fashion, players wouldn’t just call it quits and give up on any potential rewards. Hence, the Game of Go tieba is now filled with fateseekerII players seeking help. However, since this optional side quest contains 50 challenges, and so far only 1% of the players actually completed all of them. 

36% players completed the tutorial and only less than 1% players finally beat the challenge36% players completed the tutorial and only less than 1% of players finally beat the challenge

Players joke that they were playing a Go game instead of an RPG game, but the game of Go does play an important role in the martial hero subculture and is used as a device to explain a character’s wisdom and personality. In Jin Yong’s novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, a famous plot was a weak Shaolin Monk with literally zero Go knowledge accidentally beat an ancient Go puzzle, then rewarded with a powerful martial art that makes him invincible. There are also fictional martial artists who can use stones of Go as deadly projectile weapons.

Some Go fans think FateSeekerII’s puzzle is a bit too hard for beginners, but they do appreciate the game attracting more interest to this time-honored board game. However, instead of answering all questions about the Go puzzles in FateSeeker II, they also hope players of the game can rely more on automated tools to solve most of those puzzles by themselves.

"Most of the puzzles in the game can be solved with this tool""Most of the puzzles in the game can be solved with this tool"