Tower of Fantasy Will Officially Release in China on December 16th 2021

The date of global release is still unknown
By Johnson Ge
Nov. 26, 2021 updated 09:26

On November 24th, Hotta Studio officially revealed the release date of their Anime Style MMO Tower of Fantasy. The game will be released on December 16th in China, about 1 month after the latest close beta, and will be available on both PC and mobile.

Though Tower of Fantasy has always been compared with Genshin Impact due to the similar Anime-inspired graphic style and open-world mechanics, Tower of Fantasy is actually different in many aspects. Not only it has a light Si-Fi and light post-apocalyptic world design, but its mechanic is also more like an MMORPG. There are world boss, multiplayer dungeon raids, and arena PVP. Also, players can create a fully customized main character which is very attractive to some players.

Some player will take hours to create a “perfect present”. Some players will take hours to create a “perfect present”.

People also wondering when will be the global release and the progress of localizations. Unfortunately, the global release date is still unknown. According to AMA post on Reddit that appeared to be from the game dev team, the team currently put all efforts into the open beta preparation and the localization will likely start after releasing in China.