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Paper Bride 4 has been Postponed, But the New Launch Date is Even Better

By Kay Kuo
Jul. 20, 2022 updated 05:24

The release date of Paper Bride 4 by HeartBeat Plus has been pushed back from 29 July to 12 August. Apple users can still make reservations on the App Store, and Android users on TapTap, Bilibili and other platforms. The dev team claims they are sorry for the delay, but consider it necessary for players’ better gaming experience, as they are still working on the final optimization.

The delay announcement on the official accountThe delay announcement on the official account

Paper Bride is a series of horror mystery puzzle games themed as ghost wedding, a Chinese abolished tradition where a person marries to the dead. Players need to click on the essential elements to advance the plot. The Paper Bride series is loved by Chinese players and the PC version has got 91% positive comments on Steam for now.

The new release date for Paper Bride 4 is coincidentally a traditional Chinese Festival in the lunar calendar called ZhongYuan Festival, when, as believed, the spirits go out of the underworld and people should prepare food and burn paper to commemorate their ancestors. So, be ready to get scared.

Source: Weibo