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Diablo Immortal Player Spends $100K Just to Ruin His Game Experience

By Xueyang
Aug. 2, 2022 updated 10:20

A Diablo Immortal player and YouTube content creator @jtisallbusiness was reported to splash a huge amount of money on his character in this game.

However, unexpectedly, he recently found out his character was so overpowered and his matchmaking history was so high, thus he literally “can’t get a battleground”.

Here is his official announcement on the topic of getting a refund from Blizzard:

This YouTuber claimed that he has previously tried to contact Blizzard directly through online forums and Twitter about his predicament, but despite the effort, his problem was left unsolved.

As for now, @Jtisabusiness is actively looking for legal assistance and planning for a lawsuit against Blizzard, aiming to get a refund.

Source: EuroGamer