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ARPG Last Chickenburg Launches Its Steam Page

By Weilin Li
Aug. 3, 2022 updated 08:40

Strategy-based action sandbox RPG, Last Chickenburg, has launched its Steam page, while the game’s Early Access is coming soon. YerenGames is the developer behind this title.

In the game, you will lead the House of the Chicken to fight against the slavery imposed by humans and take back Chickenburg. Players will gather resources, develop their manufacturing base and recruit new members.

Game art of Last ChickenburgGame art of Last Chickenburg

In the combat system, they can also select suitable pieces of armor and weapons for each combat situation to fight against their enemies.

The devoted developers have been working on it for nearly six years and are based in Chongqing. The game contains four eras and multiple modes and supports English and Simplified Chinese.

Check it out: Steam