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2D Adventure Game Cthulhu Mythos ADV Announced

Launches September 2022 for PC and mobile
By Dan
Aug. 4, 2022 updated 08:30

Japanese publisher and developer Gotcha Gotcha Games announced today that its first original title Cthulhu Mythos ADV: The Whispering Dark Madness is in development for PC (Steam) and iOS/Android and will be released in September 2022.

The game is a 2D adventure game inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos. The protagonist wakes up in an abandoned hospital and, together with his friends, confronts the deformed inhabitants and tries to escape from the hospital.

Screenshot from Cthulhu Mythos ADVScreenshot from Cthulhu Mythos ADV

Like a Tactical RPG, the player would roll a die for big decisions, and the character’s build determines the success rate of the die roll.

Source: 4Gamer

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