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Takebouki to Release New Type Moon-related Doujinshi

Will be sold at Comiket 100 and by mail order
By Dan
Aug. 4, 2022 updated 01:30

Takebouki, the Type-Moon duo consisting of founders Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi, has opened an official Twitter account and announced that they would release three doujinshi at Comiket 100 (one of Japan’s biggest annual pop culture events) on August 14.

The first doujinshi, Katazuki Kouhon, is a miscellaneous book that compiles detailed documents from Type-Moon and related works since Tsukihime in 2000, including rough drafts, guest illustrations, and Drama CD scripts.

The second book, Avalon le Fae Synopsys, is a plot book that compiles several drafts created as internal documents before the production of the Fate/Grand Order Part 2, Chapter 6.

The third book, Kaleido works, will be a book of miscellaneous illustrations containing 57 guest works and other materials created between 2006 and 2021.

Sample image of Avalon le Fae SynopsysSample image of Avalon le Fae Synopsys

Source: denfaminicogamer

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