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Adaptations and IP Expansions Are the Hot Cakes for Mobile Gaming Market

Asian gamers are more likely to pay for their favorite franchises.
By Kay Kuo
Aug. 15, 2022 updated 04:20

According to Newzoo, adaptations and IP expansion games are becoming ever popular and successful in the gaming industry. Among 9 top-downloaded games released in 2021 on the App Store, 8 are derived from existing famous IPs.

Most of the top-downloaded mobile games in 2021 were IP-basedMost of the top-downloaded mobile games in 2021 were IP-based

Newzoo noted that the popularity of IP-based games is related to privacy policies. Game developers usually rely on user tracking data to target and acquire audiences for their games, while Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policies limits tracking and targeting. Developing IP-based games is thus a practicable way to target without tracking users’ data.

Newzoo also finds that most of the top-downloaded IP-based games come from Western franchises, with Marvel, Cartoon Network, and Disney ranking in the top 3.

The ranking of top-downloaded IP-based game franchisesThe ranking of top-downloaded IP-based game franchises

However, the ranking differs when it comes to franchises’ revenue. Half of the top 10 grossing franchises originate from Japan and China, with Umamusume: Pretty Derby earning the most. The results show that Asian players consume more in IP-based games, as Koji Tezuka, Executive Officer at Bandai Namco Entertainment, explains, “Battle mechanics tend to be more important for players in North America, whereas character development tends to be a significant part of the experience for our players in Asia.”

Source: Newzoo Insights