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The Headless Buddha Statue is Sanfu’s Inspiration

By Weilin Li
Aug. 15, 2022 updated 08:00

Sanfu’s developer Moonroach today posted a drawing of a headless Buddha statue, a special scene for his upcoming indie thriller game and he asked fans where the scene came from.

“I finally finished drawing one of the most anticipated scenes. Those who are familiar with news about Chongqing can guess where this is. I’d say this is one of the inspiration sources for Sanfu,” Moonroach said on Weibo.

Following this post, fans began to show their answers eagerly and learned from each other that it may come from Nanping, Chongqing. This answer was confirmed by Moonroach.

Photos of the Buddha statue that inspired indie game SanfuPhotos of the Buddha statue that inspired indie game Sanfu

In December 2020, there was a news report showing that a 30-feet tall headless Buddha statue was found in the residential complex of Nanping, Chongqing. The Buddha statue was rated as a cultural relic.

Source: Weibo