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LNG Eliminated BLG 3:1 in the LPL Summer Playoffs

By Weilin Li
Aug. 18, 2022 updated 05:35

The match between LNG and BLG was held yesterday in the LPL Summer Playoffs. Despite BLG Bin’s outstanding performance, LNG’s players outplayed BLG and defeated them 3:1 in the end.

In game one of the match, initially, there were several skirmishes with neither side gaining the upper hand. At 10 minutes, however, Doinb on Nocturne achieved a triple kill, helping LNG secure a Rift Herald kill. Then, LNG continued their attacks, and BLG crumbled.

In game one, at 10 minutes, LNG Doinb on Nocturne achieved a triple kill.In game one, at 10 minutes, LNG Doinb on Nocturne achieved a triple kill.

In game two, at 15 minutes, LNG was leading in gold by 4k. In the bottom lane, Nilah and Amumu built an advantage, helping LNG secure one more victory.

In game three, in the beginning, BLG Bin on Jax faced three champions near the tower in the top lane, but he dealt with the threat with calmness, pushing his enemies to launch three flashes and killing the Wukong. Bin’s advantage continued following that, helping BLG take the win in this round.

In game four, one of the pivotal moments took place at 28 minutes, when BLG attacked Gnar and triggered a team fight, while Gnar launched an ultimate, allowing LNG to counter kill three champions from BLG and secure a victory in the match 3:1.

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