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A Tower Of Fantasy Trailer Is Being Accused of Plagiarism (UPDATED)

The original creator tweeted a comparison video for this.
By Johnson Ge
Dec. 31, 2021 updated 04:35

UPDATE: Tower of fantasy official has posted an apology announcement and deleted its trailer. In the announcement, they said they will establish further communication with Hurray! and make a compensation for the damage they made.

Jan 6, ぽぷりか@POPREQ tweeted a reponse. In the tweet, they confirmed receiving a polite apology from Perfect World and thanked for the people who supported them.

Dec 30th, the Twitter user “ぽぷりか@POPREQ” posted a tweet claiming that a Tower of Fantasy’s Trailer has too much in common to their 3DCGI concept video called Hurray!. They also posted a comparison video to show how similar the two videos are. 

Though the two videos share many unique shots in common, some Twitter users believe that the Hurray! team has little chance to win a lawsuit. Perfect World, the owner of Tower of Fantasy, is a massive enterprise while Hurray! is merely a small team.

People, including players from China, are replying with their support under the tweet. And @POPREQ tweeted that he would not hold it against China as a whole and that while Perfect World is a Chinese company, it was Chinese people who alerted him to the issue.

At this moment, neither Tower of Fantasy Official nor Perfect World commented on the issue.