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Gunfire Reborn: A Roguelite Game that Keeps You Going For Another Round

The first paid DLC "Visitors of Spirit Realm" of Gunfire Reborn is finally out! Once again, my friends and I were fighting side by side in this game
By ChOzen
Sep. 16, 2022 updated 11:30

Gunfire Reborn is a Chinese-style adventure game combined with FPS, RPG, and Roguelike random exploring elements. Players can team up with up to three other people in the game to fight together as cute animals and construct diverse builds through death cycles for different experiences.

A Talent System That Upgrades As the game ProgressesA Talent System That Upgrades As the game Progresses

The game has basically no plot or story. However, the game's weapons, talents, and buff systems are plentiful. I get a lot of pleasure out of constantly unlocking weapons, improving my talent, and enjoying the intense and exciting shooting experience.

We can choose different paths through the buffs selected during the game, and after experiencing the effect in this round, we can try a different tactic in the next round. That is one aspect that makes replaying the game so fun. And because there is no upper limit to the buffs in the game, we can generally get a complete and powerful build in the late game; even the nightmare level late in the game is still not a big deal to us. 

A Wide Variety of WeaponsA Wide Variety of Weapons

However, given the random element of roguelite games, trying for specific builds can fall apart if you are not lucky enough to get the weapons, scrolls or ascensions you need, which can be frustrating.

Occult Scrolls with Different BuffsOccult Scrolls with Different Buffs

The game's new DLC, "Visitors of Spirit Realm", brings two new characters, four new weapons, and two new game modes to the game. The new characters Monkey "Xing Zhe" and Fox "Li" are very cute, and each has his/her unique features. One of the new modes further increases the difficulty of the final level, giving hardcore players a chance to amp up the challenge. The other mode adds a new "Bond" system, we can use different combinations of scrolls, weapons, and ascensions to get additional buffs.

Mysterious Jokul Is the Mode that Makes the Last Level Much More ChallengingMysterious Jokul Is the Mode that Makes the Last Level Much More Challenging

Although the game's DLC brings a lot of new content, there are currently some balance issues. Li can cause much more damage than other characters in the early game, and the new weapon, "Cloud Weaver", currently has a lot of bugs that cause the character to do several times more damage than normal. Hopefully, the dev team can fix the bugs and make adjustments soon.

New Character: LiNew Character: Li

To sum up, Gunfire Reborn is a very addictive Roguelite FPS game, and it has the magic to make you "Go for Another Round".