Horror Adventure Game In Nightmare to Make a Debut on March 29th

It took the developers three years to complete the game.
By Weilin Li
Jan. 12, 2022 updated 02:52

Developed by Shanghai-based Magic Fish Studio, the horror adventure game In Nightmare is scheduled to make a debut on March 29th on PS4 and PS5, the studio announced earlier today. The game’s publishers are Maximum Games for the international market and Astrolabe Game for the Chinese market. 

As for the content, the game can be seen as a dark fairy tale. The main character is a boy haunted by nightmares, and the goal of his adventure is to find the source of his fear. There are many obstacles to overcome, with the game centered around solving puzzles while hiding from ghosts. His journey is full of self-redemption.

A screenshot of In Nightmare.A screenshot of In Nightmare.

The title will be localized in over 10 languages, and the Chinese version will offer a special gift. The game will also have a physical edition.

It has taken the developers three years to complete the game. In 2019, it was nominated by the China Hero Project, a Sony-led initiative that aims to bring Chinese games to Western audiences.