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The Scroll Of Taiwu Is Nearing Completion After 3-Years Of Early Access.

After years of waiting, we may eventually meet the official version.
By Johnson Ge
Jan. 12, 2022 updated 09:53

On Jan 12th, ConchShip Games, the developer of the Chinese martial and mythology RPG indie game The Scroll of Taiwu, posted an announcement on Steam revealing that most part of the offical version development has been done.

 In the announcement, ConchShip Games listed what has been done in the last 3 years, including a total rework on programming structure, game mechanism changes, mod supports etc. However, there’s still not an exact release date.

The Scroll Of Taiwu was released on Steam as an early access game in September 2018 and soon became a sensation. In 2019, The developers decided to address some of the performance issues by giving the game a major overhaul and update to an official release.

That release date had then been pushed back multiple times, causing the recent reviews have significant dropped to “Mostly Negative”. Many players worry this might be one of those early access games that never fulfilled their potential and died in a quiet corner.