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PC Building Simulator 2 Will Release on October 12

And yes - there will be more RGB
By Xueyang
Sep. 29, 2022 updated 01:33

The highly anticipated PC Building Simulator 2 will be released on the Epic Games Store on October 12.

As the sequel to the popular predecessor, PC Building Simulator 2 will be available to pre-purchase beginning October 5, while fans will be offered 10% off the regular price (discount valid until October 18).

Developed by Spiral House and published by Epic Games, PC Building Simulator 2 pushes the limits of virtual PC creation, rendering players’ dream machines in more detail than ever before.

With over 1,200 officially licensed parts from industry giants like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and enthusiast brands like Thermal Grizzly, players will be able to customize and optimize their builds to the next level. 

Also, YES - there will be more RGB.

Source: Twitter