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Educational Game Biphase Will be Released On November 17

A Chinese indie game by eight students
By Xueyang
Sep. 30, 2022 updated 11:55

Biphase, an educational game developed by eight college students, is scheduled to release in China on November 17.

As the name suggests, Biphase is heavily inspired by the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, and the game aims to raise public awareness of Bipolar Disorder. The platformer game abstractly portrays the world as seen through the eyes of someone with Bipolar Disorder, using black and red.


The eight student developers aim to demonstrate a person with Bipolar Disorder's transition between two mental states by switching between the black world and red world in-game and help players understand how those with Bipolar Disorder can feel going through their lives. They believe that it’s a feasible way of raising players’ empathy, sympathy, and compassion toward people living with Bipolar Disorder.

The game is based on pure goodwill and is 100% free. The game is already available on iOS, Android, and Steam overseas, and will be launched in the Chinese domestic market shortly.

Source: TapTap