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Ancient Chinese Script Characters Are Found on Elden Ring's Map

By Julius Chen
Jan. 13, 2022 updated 09:52

A group of Chinese players found some characters of Yi script, a type of ancient Chinese script in Elden Ring's beta files, and gradually gained more information based on these characters.

The Yi script, used by the Yi ethnic minority in China, has a history of nearly one thousand years, and is slowly fading away along with China’s modernization process.

the standardized syllabary table of Yi scriptthe standardized syllabary table of Yi script

Based on the standardized syllabary table of Yi script, players found that these Yi characters on the map can be translated to Romaji, the romanization of Japanese to piece out their meanings. So far, they have successfully identified several places' names based on their Yi scripts.

                                                               · Yi script: ꇜ ꄉ ꆌꀔꂰ

                                                               · The romanization of Japanese: ki ta no e mi

                                                               · Hiragana:き た のうみ

                                                               · Meaning: The north sea

                                                               · Yi script: ꀆꌬ ꁠꇁꆌꌋꇉ

                                                               · The romanization of Japanese: e ji? ba ra no shi ro

                                                               · Hiragana:えꌬ ばらのしろ

                                                               · Meaning: Edinburgh (Stromveil)

The puzzle solvers are continuing to analyze the remaining places' names, and you can follow their progress here.