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Identity V x Bungo Stray Dogs Crossover Starting on October 13

October 13 - November 13
By Xueyang
Oct. 12, 2022 updated 03:31

Identity V recently announced that its latest collaboration with Bungo Stray Dogs will be launching on October 13, 2022.

According to NetEase’s official announcement, this link-up will include five special costumes featuring the series’ signature characters including Atsushi Nakajima and Osamu Dazai. 

Identity V x Bungo Stray DogsIdentity V x Bungo Stray Dogs

Identity V is an asymmetrical battle arena game developed and released by NetEase. In this game, players will play as a survivor, trying to cooperate with three other survivors in order to escape from the hunter, or play as a hunter to trace and defeat the survivors.

Source: Twitter