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Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals: DRX Defeated EDG in a Surprising Reverse 3:2

By Cecil Gao
Oct. 25, 2022 updated 10:20

The match between DRX and EDG was held today in the Quarterfinals for the Worlds 2022. In the end, DRX reversed EDG in a 3:2 series, becoming the last team to advance to the Semifinals.

In game one of the match, the two sides were closely matched initially, with no early kills and two drakes for DRX. It was at the second Herald where DRX won a 2v2 team fight and established a 2k gold lead in the next 15 minutes. EDG stopped the lead of DRX as they were trying to get the third drake, where EDG's Scout got perfect timing on Azir and allowed his teammates to get a free ace. EDG also got the Baron and a 3k gold lead at 25 minutes and won the first game at 35 minutes with an impeccable team fight.

The match's second game seemed chaotic, with early first blood at five minutes. DRX fought well in the team fight when EDG took their second drake and pushed the gold leak to almost 10k at 35 minutes. DRX Daft tried to TP for a back door while EDG was taking the Baron. Unfortunately, using the fight less with more strategy, EDG had some perfect team fight and made it to the match point with the Elder and Baron buffs.

After the frustrating game 2, DRX got back to form with better team fights and a perfect entry at 34 minutes, where they eliminated three of the EDGs' and secured the Baron. DRX won game three smoothly with the Baron and extended their lifeline.

Game 4 is relatively easy for DRX, as they had a drake advantage from the beginning. DRX Kingen secured the Baron for the team with two kills. With the help of hextech souls DRX got from the top side's team fight, they fought well at EDG's base and pushed the series to 2:2.

Game 5 starts with a solo fight in the mid-lane. DRX's Zeka killed Scout on Akali and got the first blood. The two sides traded two kills during both the top and bot lane ganks. At 18 minutes, DRX won a 4v5 big team fight and aced EGD with a 4k gold lead. In the next 5 minutes, Zeka managed to get two solo kills on EDG Scout and snowball a great advantage. DRX then took the Baron successfully and expanded their gold lead.

At 37 minutes, EDG caught Kingen and went for the drake with strength in numbers, but they didn't see Pyosik coming with his Viego. Zeka got a legendary quadra kill and ended the game with DRX's perfect 4v5 team fight.

DRX will face Gen.G in Semifinals on 30th, and the winner will face the winner between SKT T1 and JDG to fight for the championship.