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BeryL Wants His Champion Skin Look Like Elysia from Honkai Impact 3rd

By Weilin Li
Nov. 7, 2022 updated 05:10

DRX has been crowned the Champion of Worlds 2022 after defeating T1 in the World Finals, and all the members revealed the champion skins they wanted. DRX Support BeryL said he wanted Ashe and a skin that looks like Elysia from Honkai Impact 3rd.

According to Ashley Kang, BeryL said: "I'll be honest -- I asked the Riot skin design team whether I can draw reference to a character in another game [for my #Worlds2022 skin].

BeryL continued, "They said yes, so I got embarrassed and showed the Riot skin team picture of my character. My public identity is executed."

The Frost Archer Ashe in League of LegendsThe Frost Archer Ashe in League of Legends

Alicia from Honkai Impact 3rdElysia from Honkai Impact 3rd

Spideraxe, the game designer of Riot Games, has confirmed BeryL's choice. "So BeryL will get Ashe to look like Elysia from Honkai."

Besides Honkai Impact 3rd, before the Worlds 2022 Finals, BeryL was trending on social media in South Korea and China for a far-fetched reason: his love of Genshin Impact.