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League of Legends Game Designer Got Banned for "Disruptive Behavior"

By Xueyang
Nov. 23, 2022 updated 08:54

People tend to think of game designers as a group of gamers who are best at games - maybe not as good as prop eSport athletes, but we will still categorize them as hardcore gamers.

That being said, we would normally expect game designers to offer a carrying performance in competitive games, and will nearly never expect them to be banned in-game - because they are the game designers, right?

However, Riot Game designer "Phlox" caught us by surprise: he played Ryze in LoL normal games and got banned for "disruptive behaviors".

Temporary Suspension Notice
Temporary Suspension Notice

On the other hand, his game records would indicate that he probably was just playing badly.

Phlox's Game Record on OP.GG
Riot Phlox's Game Record on OP.GG

As of the time of writing, Riot Phlox's overall win rate on Ryze is 41% (16W - 23L), KDA 1.35 (6.0/8.5/5.4)

Source: OP.GG