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Indie Game Oriental Valley Showcases an Authentic Chinese Village

By Xueyang
Nov. 24, 2022 updated 12:05

Chinese indie game Oriental Valley is now available on Steam.

Screenshot of Oriental ValleyScreenshot of Oriental Valley

Oriental Valley is a simulation game, with modern new rural construction and Chinese characteristics.

In this game, you coincidentally come to a modern village, build a modern new home, experience modern rural life, understand modern agriculture, meet friends, and live a happy life.

A Chinese Rusitc Style Kitchen
A Chinese Rusitc Style Kitchen

Oriental Valley exquisitely shows the new countryside with Chinese characteristics, where there is bright sunlight and bright moonlight, there is a slow-paced life with sunrise and sunset, there are lively and noisy village markets, there are pure and cool landscapes and bamboo forests, and there are simple Enthusiastic villagers... This is what my hometown looks like, an imaginary poem and a destination in the distance.

Check it out on Steam: