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ByteDance Feels The Heat From miHoYo, Plans to Develop Another “Genshin Impact”

Update: Nuverse denied the rumor
By Cecil Gao
Feb. 21, 2022 updated 05:14

The tremendous commercial success of Genshin Impact has aroused intense interest from other mobile game publishers. According to Tech Planet News, ByteDance, the publisher behind Tiktok and the top Chinese internet technology company, is preparing to develop an anime open-world mobile game on par with Genshin Impact.

For now, ByteDance’s subsidiary video game publishing company Nuverse is in charge of the new game’s development. They have started recruiting for 3D scene modelers, combat designers and RPG designers.

These required positions in Nuverse also correspond to the three main elements of Genshin Impact: Action, RPG, and the anime open world. Through ByteDance’s actions, we can see they are in intense preparation to develop their open-world anime mobile game.

According to Sensor Tower’s report, in January 2022, Genshin Impact’s mobile version has attracted about 208 million USD globally, with a year-on-year increase of 37%. It is enough to see the commercial value of Genshin Impact and the future potential of other open-world anime mobile games.

Update: Just now, Nuverse denied the rumor and said there is no plan to develop open world gacha RPG game like Genshin Impact currently .