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RPG Maker Unite Pushed Back to Spring 2023

to improve the overall quality
By CaesarZX
Dec. 3, 2022 updated 01:30

Gotcha Gotcha Games has postponed the release date of their RPG Maker Unite until spring 2023.

RPG Maker Unite, the latest entry in the RPG Maker series, is software for making RPG games. The series has been popular in Japan, but this new product is aiming for the global market and will be the first in the series to be built using the Unity engine.

Supports UnitySupports Unity

As always, the software allows you to create games without having to write code. It also supports Unity's mobile app export function, making it easy to create mobile games.

The delay is due to a number of changes and the need to make it more compatible with the Unity editor during development.

Source: 電ファミニコゲーマー

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