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Hilarious Glitches to See Before The Witcher 3’s Next-Gen Update

By Cecil Gao
Dec. 8, 2022 updated 05:20

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt releases its next-generation update on December 14th. The game, thought by many to be the best RPG in the world, has now returned with improvements to the graphics and performance, along with cutting-edge ray tracing.

Despite the Witcher III's excellent quality, the northern hemisphere's massive open world makes bugs and glitches inevitable. While CD Projekt RED has removed most of the bugs and glitches in the seven years since the games release, imperfections remain. These glitches are usually hilarious as they fly in the face of biology, the laws of physics and basic logic, turning the grimdark Witcher III into a hilarious world full of memes.

Geralt’s head in wood

Geralt will sometimes stick his head through random things around him during conversations. This is mostly due to players’ movement being rolled back to before they interacted with the NPC or the NPCs in the background moving and ruining the fixed-camera conversations in a funny way. The wooden Geralt is also the most well-known of the funny glitches in the Witcher III; some Redditors even invented “I am Geroot” memes referencing Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Mid-air floating

Geralt floating in the air mostly occurs when the model for the ground or anything that holds the character disappears due to certain issues, and it is one of the most common glitches that can be found in an open-world RPG game. In the Witcher III, Geralt often needs to travel around with his horse Roach, and most floating bugs take place on her back. And since The Witcher III didn’t really develop a decent horse-riding action animation, Geralt looks even sillier when the horse he was riding disappears.

The restless head models

The Witcher III has some brutal execution animations when Geralt is fighting humanoid creatures. But even Geralt himself cannot escape the fate of being beheaded or having his neck broken. This is because the heads in the game are modeled separately from the rest of the body, and sometimes the display function does not work properly.

Weird Faces

These weird faces are quite similar to the disappearing head models; the character’s face will start strange deformations and eventually becomes very frightening. This was largely due to the camera views getting scrambled as a result of the face model determining multiple directions as the player's fixed viewpoint, producing deformations that make the face look as though it is melting.