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Mirror 2: Project Z Changed Its Name to Novastella Island

By Xueyang
Dec. 9, 2022 updated 01:00

Recently, a new game called Novastella Island was launched on Steam.

The interesting thing about this game is, according to SteamDB, Novastella Island was once Mirror 2:Project Z.

Via SteamDBVia SteamDB

In addition, the developer and publisher have both been changed to Nova Studio.

Like the previous Mirror 2:Project ZNovastella Island is also a farming sim game. You've accidentally traveled to another universe and landed on an island. The landscape is magnificent, and the resources here are vast. You want to find a way back but have to put in a lot of work. Get the stuff you need, craft tools, catch some fish, cut down trees, and mine for important resources. Just don't forget to enjoy your life on this exotic island. Make some friends while you are here - the local species, the Lilles, are very friendly and will help you build your house and decorate it.

Screenshot of Novastella IslandScreenshot of Novastella Island

Currently, there is no further information on the reason for the changes.

Check Novastella Island out on Steam: