China Launches a Reporting Platform to Monitor Gaming Companies’ Violations

China’s National Press and Publication Administration launches a policing platform for the public to report on gaming companies that violet the latest age restriction mandate for underage gamers. The platform allows the public to send in reports and corresponding proof. This move allows the public to monitor large tech companies such as Tencent on their potential misbehavior.

The platform provides a method for parents and enthusiastic citizens to help supervise and enforce the age restriction mandate, but also naturally raised concerns that further restrictions on the gaming industry might be coming along the way. Even adult players are afraid that this platform can be abused by certain groups of interest as a tool to further strangle game developers and publishers.

Earlier this month, Chinese gaming companies were ordered to safeguard children’s health and to send positive messages in games. Negative contents such as violence and ‘wrong’ historical interpretation should be eliminated. In response, gaming companies have started to self-censor content that could potentially cross the red line. Popular game Fate/Grand Order recently alternated 13 of its cards that were built on Chinese historical figures. With the launch of the new policing platform, this kind of self-censorship would soon become a very common practice.

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