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The Bad Kids is Now Available on Steam

By Xueyang
Jan. 20, 2023 updated 12:00

The Bad KidsThe Bad Kids

The puzzle adventure game The Bad Kids (Cat's Cradle) is officially on sale on Steam, priced at 7.99 USD with 15% off for the first week.

As an adaptation of the popular TV series, Cat's Cradle, this game combines investigation, puzzle solving, and reasoning with original stories, which can build a more immersive and unique experience.

The Bad Kids - GameplayThe Bad Kids - Gameplay

In this game, scenes are built with 3D technology, which will make a horrifying environment by using unique designing of colors, light, and shadow. You will play the part of Zhu Chaoyang, experience an unimaginable nightmare for an ordinary junior-high student, and face the deep fear in your heart.

The Bad Kids - Gameplay The Bad Kids - GameplayThe Bad Kids - Gameplay

The Bad Kids' gameplay is closely combined with the original story. You will investigate the layers of mysteries that happen to Zhu Chaoyang, and excavate the truth of the story, finally face the ultimate confrontation with the murderous monster.

Through innovative stories, exquisite game scenes, and diversified interaction, you will obtain an unforgettable audio-visual feast in the game.

Check it out on Steam: