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Let's School Demo is Available on Steam Now

By Xueyang
Jan. 20, 2023 updated 11:40

Pathea Games' new sim game Let's School has made its demo available on Steam.

Let's School is a pixel-style sim game. It incorporates interesting school events from different schools in Asia. As a headmaster, the player can build schools, manage teachers, and teach students. Also, each character has their own attributes.

Let's School - ScreenshotLet's School - Screenshot

In this game, you play as a headmaster in charge of rebuilding and running your old school. Apart from the two core gameplay elements, school construction and the students'/teachers' management, you are also free to control the development of the school.

Let's School - ScreenshotLet's School - Screenshot

You decide the fate of your school - a strict eastern style or a more free western style, it’s all up to you.

Check it out on Steam: