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Discord Will Slow Your NVIDIA Graphic Card Down When Serve As Game Launcher

NVIDIA has provided workaround to this problem.
By Xueyang
Feb. 3, 2023 updated 01:30


Discord is arguably one of the best and most popular communications apps for game players and more. However, the app was reported to have the possibility of slowing users' NVIDIA graphic cards down.

As PC Gamer reported earlier, "Owners of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards are reporting a bug that slightly hobbles GPU memory speeds when running the Discord instant messaging app. Reportedly, memory speeds are reduced by 200MHz."

RTX 4090RTX 4090

It potentially is not a noticeable game-changer, but will surely bother a major amount of Discord users. Luckily, NVIDIA claimed that it will soon publish a workaround and push it to its users. Meanwhile, GPU owners can download the NVIDIA program GeForce 3D Profile Manager and follow the instructions to resolve the issue. 

Source: PC Gamer