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Genshin Impact Takes on a War Against Leakers

Genshin Impact is suing Discord to get the leaker's identity.
By Superpixel
Dec. 4, 2022 updated 03:35

Screenshot of Genshin ImpactScreenshot of Genshin Impact

It seems that Genshin Impact publisher Cognosphere's legal department is about to do some heavy-lifting work in the coming future: As reported by TorrentFreak, the legal representatives of Cognosphere have filed a DMCA subpoena which required Discord to provide the real identity of one of the biggest Genshin Impact leakers, Ubatcha.

Since Genshin Impact's first debut in 2017, the Chinese game has established an enormous fan base. According to August 2022 data, Genshin Impact serviced 63 million players worldwide, including die-hard fans who were eager to collect all kinds of game content rumors ahead of the official release date. 

Discord server "Wangsheng Funeral Parlor"
Discord server "Wangsheng Funeral Parlor"

When there is demand, there is supply - and Ubatcha was the one the hardcore fans would go to. Being one of Genshin Impact's most renowned leakers, Ubatcha had more than 465,000 followers on Twitter. In addition, Ubatcha was also the administrator of a Discord server "Wangsheng Funeral Parlor", where fans would go and find all kinds of unofficial information about Genshin Impact updates.

Although fans love Ubatcha's ahead-of-time leaks, Cognosphere has quite opposite opinion on whose release schedules should be adhered to.

Hence the filings against Discord.

DCMA from Cognosphere
DCMA from Cognosphere

Per requirements from Cognosphere filings, the court decided that Discord will have to expose user Ubatcha#2719's identity, including the name(s), address(es), telephone number(s), and email address(es).

As for Discord, it will most likely comply with the request upon received.

Cognosphere's filing also noted that "the information obtained will be used only for the purposes of protecting the rights granted to Cognosphere under the Copyright Act", which includes but is not limited to various legal actions.

It is obvious that Cognosphere, as well as miHoYo, has started to come after the leakers with no mercy.

Source: TorrentFreak