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Glancing Back at China's eSport History: 10 Years Ago, Media Flamed at Chinese StarCraft II Pro

China doesn't have a Starcraft II server, but China has a champion.
By Xueyang
Feb. 13, 2023 updated 08:57

At the 2023 IEM Katowice Starcraft II tournament, Chinese player Oliveira (Li Peinan) defeated South Korean player Maru with a score of 4:1 to win the championship.

Titan Sports, 2013Titan Sports, 2013

Looking back at China's eSport history, it was never easy. 10 years ago, Chinese official media Titan Sports (体坛周报) covered the WCS Starcraft II Asia Championship tournament and later published an article criticizing the Chinese players, titled "Chinese Starcraft Players are Even Worse Than Chinese National Soccer Team." The article stated:

The gap between Chinese and South Korean Starcraft players is well known, but this championship results once again disappoint. Online, some even jokingly claim that the gap is greater than that between their national soccer teams.

It's worth mentioning that due to Blizzard exiting China, Chinese players no longer have a local server to play on.

Nevertheless, they now have a world champion.

Oliveira lifts the champion cupOliveira lifts the champion cup

Source: Weibo