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Valve Announces 2024 Winter Major CS2 Tournament in Shanghai Hosted by Perfect World

By Xueyang
Nov. 17, 2023 updated 01:36

Valve Announces 2024 Winter Major CS:GO Tournament in Shanghai Hosted by Perfect WorldValve Announces 2024 Winter Major CS2 Tournament in Shanghai Hosted by Perfect World

Valve has officially declared that the 2024 Winter Major, their premier Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) tournament, will be held in Shanghai, China. Organized by Perfect World Esports, this esteemed event is set to take place in December 2024, bringing together the world's elite CS2 teams to compete for the ultimate honor in the game.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for the CS community, as it represents one of the highest levels of competition in the esports arena. The choice of Shanghai as the host city underscores China's growing influence and importance in the global esports landscape.

In addition to the prestigious tournament, Valve has integrated the advanced Reflex technology into Counter-Strike 2, reducing system latency by up to 35%. This technological enhancement ensures that players will experience a more responsive and immersive gaming environment. The tournament will feature the latest RTX 40 series graphics cards, further elevating the professional esports experience for both players and audiences.

The 2024 Winter Major in Shanghai is expected to attract a massive following, both on-site and online, as fans worldwide anticipate witnessing top-tier gameplay and fierce competition. This event not only showcases the continued evolution and popularity of CS but also highlights the game's commitment to delivering high-quality esports experiences.

Source: Weibo