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Echoes of Vision: The Ultimate Anime Strategy RPG on Your Phone

By Cecil Gao
Feb. 16, 2023 updated 05:00

Echoes of Vision is an anime-style strategy RPG mobile game that has captured the attention of many gamers. Developed by Azure Flame studio, Echoes of Vision boasts impressive art, decent voiceover, and a captivating ‘New Weird’ story that mixes science-fiction and fantasy elements in novel ways. The game also has a well-crafted combat system, inherited from the studio's last XCOM-style turn-based strategy game Banner of the Maid, which adds a layer of depth and fun to the overall experience.

While some adjustments are needed to the game's character progression system, Echoes of Vision still manages to stand out with its uniqueness.

The first ‘New Weird’ anime game

Echoes of Vision is set in Cold Mountain, a city with an enigmatic atmosphere characterized by brutalist architecture reminiscent of the Cold War era. Strange occurrences with supernatural origins are not uncommon in the city, often caused by elusive entities beyond human comprehension.

These entities possess the ability to manipulate human perception and even challenge the fundamental principles of physics.

The player’s vision was distorted by the enemiesThe player’s vision was distorted by the enemies

As the interim leader of the Crisis Response Bureau's Special Investigation Division, the player's responsibility in Echoes of Vision is to guide a team of operators in managing and containing supernatural entities to ensure everyone's safety.

Some supernatural entities can even be used as weapons under strict controlSome supernatural entities can even be used as weapons under strict control

Echoes of Vision impresses with its remarkable narration and pacing. Each new concept is introduced in great detail, and the plot incorporates practical applications to further enhance the player's understanding of the game's mechanics. The portrayal of the terrifying events in Echoes of Vision and the design of the different supernatural entities, which seamlessly blend science fiction elements, is particularly captivating.

The game provides players with the opportunity to directly engage with dangerous entities and witness their unique abilities or the complex and sensitive methods used to control them. I often felt like I was reading an unredacted SCP Foundation report while playing the game.

Fantastic character design and a voiceover that complements the story

Echoes of Vision's character design is a faithful recreation of the 1980s art style, particularly in terms of costumes and appearance. The retro beauty of The Bureau’s operators is accentuated by their trench coats, biker jackets, and old revolvers, which add to the game's nostalgic appeal.

The voice acting in Echoes of Vision is noteworthy, as the game's main story is entirely dubbed. The consistency between most of the characters' voices and their appearance and personalities is striking. While there is some degree of voice homogenization due to the large number of characters, this is an issue that is common in anime mobile games and is difficult to avoid.

Great turn-based gameplay

The combat system in Echoes of Vision, which was inherited from its highly acclaimed predecessor, Banner of the Maid, is an essential component of the game's excellent gameplay mechanics, which are just as impressive as its storyline.

In the game, players will engage in turn-based battles similar to XCOM, where they can strategically control their operators to move a designated distance and either attack enemies or utilize special abilities. Additionally, the game introduces a new long-range combat feature that employs cover to evade attacks and a warning skill for melee units, which enables them to inflict damage when in close proximity to enemies.

The character's gun will point directly at the enemy instead of in a fixed directionThe character's gun will point directly at the enemy instead of in a fixed direction

Compared to the Banner of the Maid that launched on PC, the current difficulty level of Echoes of Vision is somewhat more manageable, and the game's new battle mechanics are not essential to a winning strategy. Undoubtedly future content will further increase the challenge.

Conversely, the game's progression system may appear fairly conventional, and as a result of the typical limitations found in mobile games, Echoes of Vision unavoidably mandates players engage in repetitive tasks in order to acquire more resources for upgrading equipment and increasing levels. However, when compared to the majority of mobile games, Echoes of Vision's repetitive content is relatively minimal.


Echoes of Vision is a fantastic mobile game that is sure to impress players from all backgrounds. For normal mobile gamers and ‘New Weird’ fans, the game's gripping pace and intriguing narrative will captivate you and draw you into the immersive tale that melds elements of science fiction and fantasy, making it difficult to extricate yourself, while the combat system's depth will add an extra layer of enjoyment. For turn-based strategy lovers, the mechanics of Echoes of Vision will feel very familiar, and you will appreciate how well the combat system has been inherited and renewed from Azure Flame’s last work.