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Project Hope 1+1 Thanks Genshin Impact Players as 90,000 Donors Raise $350k

By Weilin Li
Mar. 2, 2023 updated 04:00

Project Hope 1+1, a charity initiative dedicated to providing education to underprivileged children and teenagers, has expressed its gratitude towards players of Genshin Impact.

In a recent post on the organization's official WeChat account on March 1st, Project Hope 1+1 announced that over 90,000 players had donated approximately 2.4 million CNY (roughly 350,000 USD) in just five days.

The organization expressed their appreciation and stated, "We are feeling dizzy by the number 648. Now, 648 even appears in our dreams."

Project Hope 1+1 expresses heartfelt gratitude to Genshin Impact players.Project Hope 1+1 expresses heartfelt gratitude to Genshin Impact players.

These official statistics from Project Hope 1+1 have drastically exceeded previous estimates.

The players were so moved by the game's character, Dehya, whose story involves helping children in need, they began donating to Project Hope 1+1 to support their mission of helping children and young people in need. In just a few days, the Project Hope 1+1 education campaign exceeded its donation goal of 5 million CNY, which is approximately 725,000 USD.

Source: Project Hope 1+1