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Actress of the Twin Dancers in "Atomic Heart" Cosplayed as Her Own Character

By Xueyang
Mar. 10, 2023 updated 01:05

Ballerina Anita Pudikova, who dances with the Bolshoi Theatre, recently provided the movements that were digitized for the robot bodyguards in the video game Atomic Heart. In an interview, she discussed her career, her role in the game, and how technology is impacting ballet.

It is very inspiring when a new world opens up in front of you, with which you were familiar as a spectator, and now you are preparing to be directly on stage.

Pudikova also shared her thoughts on video games as a form of art and the potential impact of technology on the future of ballet.

I have a positive attitude towards video games, as well as towards everything related to the development of technology. But it all depends on what message a specific project carries... The 'thread' on which everything is strung – the human body, the capabilities and beauty of which are demonstrated in dance, the personality of the artist on stage – is unchanged. But when the performance of the dancer is framed in a beautiful picture, for example, due to light, this can help to better convey the essence to the viewer and strengthen his perception of what is happening, to convey the mood.

In addition, she also cosplayed her roles while taking the interview. Let's take a look:

Photographer: Alexander Yakovlev