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Atomic Heart New DLC 'Annihilation Instinct' will Release on August 2

By Xueyang
Jun. 27, 2023 updated 09:47

Mundfish's first-person shooter 'Atomic Heart' will release its first DLC 'Annihilation Instinct' on August 2nd. Check out the trailer:

Continue the story in the Annihilation Instinct DLC and learn what happened to this dystopian world after the climax of Atomic Heart. Prepare to embark on a journey through the new mind-bending Mendeleev Complex and its surrounding swamps and discover the truth about NORA as Major P-3 is pulled back into Facility 3826. Survive vicious, shape-shifting new enemies and take them down using two cunning new weapons - ranged one the Secateur, and melee one the Klusha - as well as your glove’s new Techno-Stasis ability, allowing you to manipulate time itself.

Players will also meet a new enigmatic character, as well as returning ones in surprising circumstances, and dive deep into the AI’s insanity to curb its Annihilation Instinct.

Source: YouTube