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Poly Bridge 3 Will Release on May 31

By Xueyang
Mar. 18, 2023 updated 05:38

Attention all bridge-building enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Poly Bridge 3 is set to release on May 31, promising to take the genre-defining puzzle game to new heights.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Poly Bridge 3 challenges players to build bridges that can withstand the weight of vehicles and safely transport them to their destination. The game requires a combination of engineering and problem-solving skills, with players able to build everything from suspension bridges to draw-bridges to multi-level bridges.

Bridge demonstrationBridge demonstration

The latest installment of the game boasts a brand new Open World Campaign, featuring a dozen worlds and over 100 new levels. Players can expect to encounter new challenges, including jumps, hydraulics, and "normal" bridges, providing hours of gameplay to enjoy.

In addition to the Campaign mode, Poly Bridge 3 also includes a Sandbox mode, allowing players to let their engineering creativity run wild with no restrictions. Players can challenge their friends and the community by designing intricate levels and publishing them online for all to enjoy.

Poly Bridge 3 ScreenshotPoly Bridge 3 Screenshot

Poly Bridge 3 also features a custom physics engine, giving players total control, reliability, and accuracy in their bridge designs. The game also offers customization options, including mods that allow players to modify the game's settings and vehicle or material defaults.

Players can also add visual flair to their levels with a range of decor objects, including themed decorations for each new biome. The game even allows players to create their own vehicles, boats, planes, decorations, and textured custom shapes to add to workshop levels.

Poly Bridge 3 ScreenshotPoly Bridge 3 Screenshot

Finally, Poly Bridge 3 introduces several new features, including Build Zones, which challenge players to think inside the box, and Pre-Built Materials, which can be included with a level on loading. The game also includes a new material, Foundation, which supports long bridges with a strong foundation.

With so many new features and challenges, Poly Bridge 3 is sure to delight fans of the series and newcomers alike. Get ready to unleash your inner engineer when the game releases on May 31.