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The First League of Legends Novel, Ruination Has Kalista as the Main Character

By ChOzen
Mar. 23, 2022 updated 01:03

Riot Games officially announced today that Ruination, the first novel set in the blockbuster universe of League of Legends, will be released in September 2022.

Ruination’s PosterRuination’s Poster

Ruination was written by chief scriptwriter of Riot Games, Anthony Reynolds. It is an epic tale of magic, revenge, and an empire on the verge of ruin. Kalista makes a desperate gambit to save the kingdom: she searches for the long lost Blessed Isles, rumored to hold the queen’s salvation, if only Kalista can find them.

The Spear of Vengeance KALISTAThe Spear of Vengeance KALISTA

Ruination will be published in English as a paperback, eBook and audiobook by Orbit Group in the UK and US in September 2022, and will be distributed worldwide. It will also be translated into all major international markets in all common languages. The exact publication date is to be determined.

Source from: League Of Legends Tweet